Nigeria Army and boko haram


Nigerian Army crest.gif

Since the start of the cancer called boko haram which have started in this country,my fellow country men have been asking why cant the glorious Nigerian Army over-whelmed the insurgent but what most people do not know is that what we are fighting is not normal warfare and our fighting men are facing a type of war that is not in a part of the military doctrine

military doctrine from encylopedia wikipedia is the expression of how military forces contribute to campaigns, major operationsbattles, and engagements.It is a guide to action, rather than hard and fast rules. Doctrine provides a common frame of reference across the military. It helps standardize operations, facilitating readiness by establishing common ways of accomplishing military tasks.

for the security forces to defeat the terrorist a new special type of counter terrorist strategy must be used that will take into cognisance of the enemy that they are fighting

in the like the saying of the glorious Nigeria Army ,victory belongs to GOD only and he will grant us the victory and peace we need


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